Media Technology


Achtung Technik Media is known for our innovative digital activations that use cutting-edge technologies to yield results and create unmatched brand experiences. Feel free to browse just a few of our capabilities below or watch videos to see some of our past work. Have an idea? Our award-winning team, can’t wait to learn more so we can create the next first-of-its-kind campaign.


We can handle campaigns that draw a crowd. With multi-touch technology, multiple people can interact with the system at any given time.

3D Gestural

With 3D cameras, users can get into the digital action like never before. We can track and use individual body movements or can create immersive experiences with depth-keying.


Want to be attention-grabbing? Use motion-sensing and gestures as a way to have participants interact with digital content.

Augmented Reality

Create Magic. Augmented Reality allows us to add interactive digital elements to a live camera feed to add an element of surprise and delight.


We Provide Innovative Solution’s.
Mobile Interaction

Almost everyone has a smart phone. Why not use it to connect with your digital out of home campaign? We can do just that – we’ll turn their phone into a remote control.

Interactive Vending

Free Stuff? You have my attention. Use interactive vending as a tool to encourage consumers to input data, share on social media or participate in your campaign.

Photo & Video Capture

Who doesn’t love to take a photo? We can create opportunities for individuals to take photos and videos and then add branded overlays or place them in immersive environments.

Social Sharing

Some experiences are meant to be shared. Our social sharing portals allow consumers to easily spread your brand message on the most used social media networks.


Achtung Technik Having a Flexible Number of Solution to fit your need..

Video Walls

Linked LCD walls can make a huge impact. When you include multi-touch capabilities, 3D Gesture Cameras and more – well, there’s almost no limits to what you can do.


Sometimes a personal, one-to-one approach is the best way to reach your audience. Have you met our tablets?


Our Pods or portable interactive storefronts can be brought almost anywhere and offer our full suite of interactive options.

3D Projection Mapping

Looking to turn a lot of heads? Perfect for high profile events and product launches, 3D building projections demand attention and cannot be missed.


We Provide Innovative Solution’s.

We take vacant real estate in strategic locations and transform them into dynamic displays and can’t miss advertising. From fully interactive storefronts to a simply static display, we can do it all.


We can bring your message to your audience. Our trucks can be equipped with Monster interactive systems and can be driven right to where they need to go.

Kiosks/Charging Stations

A scaled version of our interactive systems, kiosks are great for one-to-one activations and are ideal for wayfinding or at events. To get even better numbers, use charging stations to create a digital tether where consumers will interact with your brand.

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